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Mayco Updates

Duncan Envisions moving to Elements & Foundations / 2023 Discontinuations

August 10, 2023

After announcing last month that the Envisions line will be discontinued on February 1, 2023, we received a number of questions about the future status of individual colors. At Mayco, we pride ourselves on being transparent and want you to be able to plan for the future. We anticipate moving over the below Duncan Envisions glazes into the Mayco Elements and Foundations lines beginning February 1, 2023. Please note the following:

  • Envision colors moving to the Foundations line will be reformulated and color matched into the Foundations chemistry.

  • Envisions colors moving into the Elements line, instead of Foundations, is either due to having a health caution seal (we want to keep the Foundations AP Non-Toxic) or because they do not work with Stroke & Coats in design due to lacing. Those formulas will remain unchanged.

Merging colors will keep the name but will have an EL or FN number. Colors not moving into either line is because of direct matches in place or low sales volume. Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change.

Duncan colors absorbed into Elements (EL) or Foundations (FN):

IN1013 (EL-152) Denim Blue

IN1015 (EL-153) Caribbean Blue

IN1017 (EL-154) Sea Mist Green

IN1019 (EL-155) Holiday Green

IN1036 (EL-156) Bluegrass

IN1037 (EL-157) Leaf Green

IN1603 (EL-158) Autumn

IN1609 (EL-159) Emerald Green

IN1640 (EL-160) Foliage Green

IN1669 (EL-161) Bottle Green

IN1653 (FN-055) Downright White

IN1003 (FN-232) Sun Yellow

IN1005 (FN-233) Ruby Red

IN1011 (FN-234) Royal Purple

IN1018 (FN-235) Celadon

IN1032 (FN-236) Miami Pink

IN1065 (FN-237) Light Turquoise

IN1634 (FN-238) Royal Blue

IN1781 (FN-240) Pumpkin Orange

IN1781 (FN-241) Spiced Cream


The following Envision products will be discontinued in February 2023 due to a direct match in the Mayco Foundations line.

IN1206 Neon Red………….Direct match to FN004 Red

IN1026 Very Black…………Direct Match to FN009 Black

IN1100 White………………..Direct Match to FN001White

IN1056 Aqua Fresca………Direct Match to FN042 Teal Blue

IN1613 Black…………………Direct Match to FN009 Black

IN1204 Neon Orange……..Direct Match to FN003 Orange

IN1075 Cobalt Blue………..Direct Match to FN019 Dark Blue

IN1053 Harvest……………..Direct Match to FN044 Yellow-Orange

IN1058 Clover……………….Direct Match to FN020 Medium Green

IN1062 Light Kiwi…………..Direct Match to FN007 Green

IN1042 Grey………………….Discontinued due to low sales

Discontinuation of Mold Production By Mayco

We have been struggling with our mold production for quite some time due to labor difficulties. This situation has become even more challenging as our plaster mixer requires service almost daily. We can no longer get parts so our maintenance department struggles to find fixes. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue mold production. Please note that this decision was not made lightly but unfortunately, we are limited in the number of challenges we can overcome.

However, we do have good news. Mayco molds will live on!! A Ceramic Shop will be purchasing all of Mayco’s Molds to produce and sell from their Columbus, Ohio facility. A Ceramic Shop is well known in this market as a manufacturer for several other mold lines: Lakeland, Kentucky Pottery, IMD, and Tag, among others. They are also the producer of Doc Holliday Paints and are very familiar with this market.

Mayco will be at the Hamilton Mold Show in September but we will not be taking preorders or selling molds. We are accepting mold orders from distributors until August 1st. However, given our limited staff and undependability of equipment, we may have to transfer business to A Ceramic Shop earlier than planned. Mayco distributors will be able to continue to purchase Mayco molds from A Ceramic Shop. However, there are direct purchasing opportunities as well. If you wish to speak with Bill or Michael from A Ceramic Shop, you can email them at or call at 614.337.9042.

This was one of the more challenging decisions we have had to make, given our commitment to surface design and the slip casting community. While molds were never our largest revenue stream, a significant amount of time and effort has been devoted to them over the 30+ years we have been designing and manufacturing. Our design team will continue to feature Mayco molds (and others!) in our project creation. Long live Mayco Molds!

Stamps & Mats Discontinued

July 1, 2022: This year we were given a significant increase (70%) from our Mat and Stamp supplier due to the increase in raw materials, particularly rubber and resin. Unfortunately, this increase would put the price well over what we believe the market would be willing to pay. In addition to the increase, the supplier has had trouble keeping us in stock on our existing designs, causing further shortages. After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue these product lines. Please contact your nearest Mayco distributors for any leftover stock.

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