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2023 Discontinued Mayco Items

January 1, 2023: Due to the number of new products we are adding in 2023 and space limitations, we took a hard look at our sales and determined that some products were not meeting our production goals.


One of the biggest changes is the discontinuation of 72 Stoneware Dry which does not meet our production goals.


The following items will be discontinued on January 1, 2023, or if stock is depleted earlier.’


Just a reminder: Envisions will be discontinued on 2/1/2023. We are manufacturing the colors that will merge into the Mayco palette (Foundations Sheers and Elements) and will advise when available. We would suggest purchasing the Mayco version as soon as it is available.


Jungle Gems

  • CG988 Fireflies

  • CG989 Fruit Punch

  • CG992 Mint Chip

  • CG995 Foggy Mist

  • CG996 Spring Rain


  • EL147 Creek Bed

  • EL148 Smoked Lilac

  • EL150 Fern

  • EL-151 Deep Water

  • EL205 Jade Pebble

  • FN215 Aztec Jade

  • FN217 Evergreen Fir


  • SG501 Sculpting Medium

Stoneware Dry

Please note, the liquid pints of the following colors are still available.

  • SD116 Robin’s Egg Dry

  • SD117 Honeycomb Dry

  • SD125 Purple Mint Dry

  • SD127 Olivine Dry

  • SD130 Copper Jade Dry

  • SD133 Copper Ore Dry

  • SD135 Wintergreen Dry

  • SD136 Weathered Blue Dry

  • SD137 Storm Gray Dry

  • SD138 Lemon Meringue Dry

  • SD142 Gray Matte Dry

  • SD144 Lava Rock Dry

  • SD145 Tea Dust Dry

  • SD148 Lime Shower Dry

  • SD149 Crackle White Dry

  • SD151 Olive Float Dry

  • SD152 Blue Splatterware Dry

  • SD153 Indigo Rain Dry

  • SD158 Lilac Matte Dry

  • SD162 Pink Matte Dry

  • SD171 Enchanted Forest Dry

  • SD173 Amber Quartz Dry

  • SD174 Leather Dry

  • SD175 Rusted Iron Dry

  • SD178 Fool’s Gold Dry

  • SD180 Desert Dusk Dry

  • SD181 Night Moth Dry

  • SD182 Antique Brass Dry

  • SD183 Oxblood Dry

  • SD184 Speckled Toad Dry

  • SD185 Rainforest Dry

  • SD186 Azurite Dry

  • SD188 Landslide Dry

  • SD210 Emerald Dry

  • SD211 Glacier Blue Dry

  • SD252 Blue Opal Dry

  • SD255 Gray Opal Dry

  • SD502 Yellow Gloss Dry

  • SD503 Orange Gloss Dry

  • SD505 Purple Gloss Dry

  • SD506 Bright Blue Gloss Dry

  • SD507 Bright Green Gloss Dry

  • SD509 Dark Green Gloss Dry

  • SD510 Blue Gloss Dry


  • DSS0119 Designer Silkscreen – Dogs

  • DSS0121 Designer Silkscreen – Fruits

  • DSS0128 Designer Silkscreen – The Farm

  • DSS0129 Designer Silkscreen – Stylized 2

  • DSS0136 Designer Silkscreen – Zoo Animals

  • DSS0151 Designer Silkscreen – Horses

  • DSS0159 Designer Silkscreen – Gnomeland

Earthenware Bisque

  • MB001 Round, Star, Heart Box Set 12/cs

  • MB1163 Rectangle Tray 12/cs

  • MB1512 Handyman Mug – Hammer 6/cs

  • MB1524 Unicorn Mug 6/cs

  • MB1525 Llama Mug 6/cs

  • MB1530 Unicorn Plaque 6/cs

  • MB1532 Flamingo Planter 4/cs

  • MB1533 Mermaid Planter 4/cs

  • MB1534 Unicorn Planter 4/cs

  • MB1542 Camper Dish 6/cs

  • MB1553 Quirky Monkey 4/cs

Stoneware Bisque

  • SB114 Stoneware 8” Vase

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