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Reopened March17, 2021

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 10a-5p
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - By Appt. Only

Sunday - Closed

Due to COVID-19, we require use of a "facial mask"!


Thank you for your cooperation.

Low Fired Glazes

Mayco Stroke & Coats, Elements, Jungle Gems, Foundations and Fundamental Underglazes

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Duncan Products

Mayco Stoneware Glazes, Specialty Products and Glosses. 

In Powder and liquid form.

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Creative Tools & Brushes

Mayco's design tools, slump molds, accessories and brushes.

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Pottery  Wheels, slab rollers & Extruders

Let us help you pick the best pottery wheel, slab roller, or extruder for your clay studio.

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Ceramic, Pottery & Glass Kilns

We'll help you find the best kiln for your needs. Jen Ken is our specialty.

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Molds Distributors

We're distributors for Mayco, Clay Magic, Creative Paradise, Doc Holliday, Scioto and many more mold companies.

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Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain Clay

We are suppliers for Alligator Clay Company. 25# - 50# Boxes.

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High Fired Glazes

Mayco Stoneware Glazes, Specialty Products and Glosses. 

In Powder and liquid form.

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Ceramic Casting Slips

Mackie's Slip

Cone 03 - 06.

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Greenware & Bisque

We pour from over 4,000 molds. Pick off the shelf, or place an order from your wish list.

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Orton Pyrometric Cones

Pyrometric Cones let you know when there is an issue with your elements, or firing process.

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Hump and Slump  & Press Molds

Hump and Slump Molds for hand-builders. Press molds for decorating hand built pieces.

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Kiln Shelves, Furniture & Accessories 

We are suppliers for kiln shelves, posts, stilts, elements and all your needs for firing a kiln.

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